Exploring The Sexual World Like Nothing Better

Think about it, if you knew you were better than average in bed, when you approach a new girl you would no longer trust yourself because then you know that in privacy you can pleasantly amaze her. Here then how to do it! First of all we must understand that premature ejaculation or the difficulty in controlling oneself is not a disease. It is not a sign that there is something wrong with our body.

It is not something that has to be cured. The ability to last in bed is a skill; this skill can be coached, just like you are training in a sport. Let’s stop for a moment: have you ever felt uncomfortable when you’re in the company of one or more women? Yet you want to have women around.

How is that possible?

The answer can be found here if you have not practiced physical activity for a while, it is absolutely normal that you cannot run for half an hour. This does not mean that you are sick or that you will never succeed. If you train you can progressively get to run half an hour. Ditto for the ability to last in bed and control ejaculation: it is a skill that you can train, just like when you train in a sport. The first thing to do is to eliminate all those bad habits that feed the problem of premature ejaculation or prevent you from lasting longer.

Unfortunately, on the internet or in male magazines you read a lot of wrong advice, written “by hearsay” by fake experts that not for a direct experience of problems of duration. These grandma’s remedies can make the problem worse, so it’s important that you do not follow them. Here are the habits and wrong suggestions to avoid:

  • Stop wanking quickly many guys masturbate quickly, like venting.

Quickly means in less than 5 minutes

They do it out of habit, because that’s how they learned to masturbate the first times: closed in the bathroom with the mother who called for dinner, in the evening in the bedroom in a hurry not to be discovered … and so time after time have instructed the body that pleasure can be reached quickly. It is very important to stop this habit and make masturbation a moment of pleasure that slowly savored. For the 3d sex games this is the perfect deal.

Avoid distraction trick According to supporters of this trick, you have to start thinking about something else when you feel the urge to ejaculate. Some say they direct their thoughts to sad things (the death of a loved one or a pet, or an illness), or to things that are intellectually difficult (making mental calculations), or even to disgusting thoughts (slaughtering a pig, a drunk who vomits). First of all, this technique rarely works. Furthermore, the pleasure of sex is completely lost because it replaces a moment of pure enjoyment with something between boring and repulsive. In the long run it causes frustration both in you and in your partner who will wonder why you are never present and involved in the relationship.

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