Six ideas that make us jump in “male domination does not exist”


Male Domination does not exist: this is a book title that does not leave you indifferent. However, its author, Peggy Sastre, claims to be a feminist. Decryption in six statements that would make anyone jump.

Bad news for anyone who wants to emancipate women in spite of themselves: “They were the first to favor the little brute”, announces immediately Peggy Sastre. So, like that, male domination is a myth, or worse, it would have been put in place by women? This is implied in any case the back cover of The Male Domination does not exist, his new book. A hidden sister of Eric Zemmour? “If we tax this book of masculinity is that we did not read it, simply,” repeats the author of Ex Utero.

This philosopher of science works mainly on gender issues, “to succeed in no longer make it a criterion of identity”. While releasing an extremely gendered book, where women are fragile and hard-core men. It is not she who says it, it is science, she argues, or more precisely the theory of evolution of Darwin. Diseases, mammoth attacks, famine: life was not pretty-pretty for our ancestors of 200,000 years ago. The man and the woman had to adapt to survive and these changes of social behavior are reflected in our brains in 2015: if men dominate today, it is because women could not fend for themselves time to celebrate his thirtieth birthday was a feat.

But even while reading this essay carefully, some parts, though supported by lots of scientific studies, leave you speechless. Today’s men are portrayed as obsessed and belligerent, women scared and ready to do anything to find the good father. We had a lot of trouble identifying with these descriptions, but Peggy Sastre was given a chance to explain herself.

If men have the power, it is because the women wanted it

“It’s commercial provocation to attract the barge. This is not incompatible with my feminist views: a society where men and women do not have the same rights seems absurd to me. But unfortunately, there is a consensus that biology has no impact, that we are not born a woman, we become so, that femininity is a social construct. I think it is a wrong way. If we do not start to understand that there are biological differences between men and women, we will not go anywhere: we must understand a problem and then find solutions. This will be the subject of my next book.”

Men are burnt, women are cautious and submissive

“I am not in the value judgment. I describe things, I do not write that it is good or bad, but that it was and still is like that. We must get rid of these traditional patterns, especially since it is not inevitable. This behavior of men and women was valid in a certain environment, that of survival, where one could die overnight from an illness or aggression. While having the same overall bodies as our ancestors of 200,000 years ago, we have improved these living conditions. We can hope that this change in the environment can, if we set up educational and awareness-raising processes, move us towards another social organization.”

Men are obsessed with sex, women are choosy

“The fact that women can see the world with the same sexual prism as men was made possible only with contraception. There is less danger in seeing sex for sex for a woman when there is no risk of pregnancy behind, which is possible today, I am the first to say. Except that contraception, on the scale of humanity, is ultra-recent and is far from universal even in our rich countries. It’s not 50 years of pill that will cancel thousands of years of evolution.”

Rape is traumatic mainly because of the risk of unwanted pregnancy


Rape is a reproductive strategy, I explain it at length in the book before coming to this conclusion: the risk of pregnancy following a rape is, statistically, the first traumatic impact -which does not to say that it’s the only one. Do not mix statistical observations with individual impressions. Virginie Despentes, after King Kong Theorie, was invited in a televised debate opposite Gisèle Halimi. When Virginie Despentes said she did not care about being raped, Gisèle Halimi retorted that it was very dangerous to say that, and that all the women who came to see her as a lawyer were traumatized by their rape. Except that if these women came to see a lawyer, it was because they had lodged a complaint: this considerably reduces the sample.”

Harassment and rape for sexual purposes and not for domination

“Power and sex are related, but sex comes first. Yes, most of the time, a man who harasses wants to fuck. Then come the power, the humiliation or the oppression, that is what the studies that I consulted show: the men sexually harass women rather young, of childbearing age therefore, for a purely reproductive purpose.”

Male domination does not exist

“We must not stop at the title of the book: I wanted to express that the male domination is not that which one believes, but that it exists well. I do not regret, I am very null in title, and this one is the least worse, even if I am not particularly happy with it. It was almost called Waste, but it was too vague, or another story of male domination, which would not be noticed in the ultra-competitive world of publishing.”

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