Some wonderful adult toys for sale

Recently, there seems to be a huge awareness about the availability of adult toys in Canada. Couples seem to be having a growing interest in the different adult toys for sale available at our Pleasures N’ Treasures store, including dildos for sale, vibrators, male strokers, and generally anything that can spice up their sex lives.

Below we would review some of these wonderful adult toys in Canada that are readily available in a lot of sex shops.


Sex therapists have been recommending that you should stick to paddles that are padded and large if you are a beginner. These paddles would sting less on your skin if the paddle has a larger surface area. An even gentler smack would be created when you use paddles that are covered in faux fur.

It is ideal to try out this particular type of adult toys in Canada on your body first if you want to get used to it. This would give you an idea of how hard you are going to swing the paddle. By giving them gentle smacks initially you would be able to warm up the skin of your partner. Thereafter, you can increase the amount of force gradually. You should always target the parts of the body with more flesh like the thighs and butt cheeks. Avoid the genitals and don’t ever smack bony parts such as the knees and elbows. You should always apply pressure to the skin with your hand after any particularly strong slapping and smacking so that the sting can be eased off.


You should check out floggers if you are in need of a bit more versatility with your adult toys for sale. These types of adult toys in Canada are designed out of leather and suede fabrics. These fabrics always have multiple strips. Options that are cruelty-free are also available. By stroking the kin of your partner with these kinds of adult toys in Canada you can use them for a very gentle sensation play. Or you can flick the handle if you want to increase the intensity. You really cannot go overboard with the intensity because the multiple strips would always dull the impact. This is what makes them excellent beginner adult toys for sale similar to dildos for sale in Canada.

It is always ideal to first get a sense of what the sensation of a flogger is like by practicing the use of these adult toys in Canada on your skin first. This does not mean that you are not going to eventually ask for a feedback on the level of intensity while you are using them with and on your partner. Remember to avoid whipping a flogger near to the genitals or face.


The bread and butter of the BDSM world of adult toys for sale are perhaps restraints. Sex therapists advice that one should start simple if they are beginners, even though it can get quite complex. Some are like cuffs and come with a tether. Others are cuffs with attachments that make them gentle on the wrists and are quite easy to get out of.  There are also the under the bed restraint system for anyone who wants to go whole-hog. This particular type of adult toys in Canada has cuffs for your wrists and hands. It would be better to keep the restrains loose if you are really nervous. This would enable you to not have to undo the fastener so that you can slip out of them. Also, if you are a beginner to such adult toys for sale, you should not make use of rope. This is because you need to have adequate knowledge about safety of knots. And because they can be way too uncomfortable it is not advisable to use metal handcuffs if you are just starting out.

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