Tantra massage in Prague enriches your holiday

Tantra massage in Prague has become one of the reasons why to visit this beautiful historic city in the heart of Europe.

After walking in the city centre admiring historic monuments, the tourists always want to try something different and special. This massage is both, relaxing and non-traditional, which makes it very popular among people.

Tantra massage and its origin

The massage comes from Indian culture and the word “tantra” literally means religious ritualism or esoteric practice. This science of ecstasy has been used as a way of communication with Indian gods and other spiritual bodies.

Today´s tantra massage is trying to get closer to its origin and that is the reason why the most important thing during the massage is spiritual connection between the giver, who is mostly a masseuse dressed in traditional Indian clothes, and the receiver.

Main benefits

A tantra massage is still relatively non-conventional relaxing activity, but many people start to realize its benefits. The most important ones are:

  • To relax your mind
  • To relax your body
  • To relax your soul
  • Sexual awareness
  • Sexual therapy

The procedure

The procedure usually starts with esoteric music playing in the background which is followed by slow taking off the clothes of the receiver until he or she is completely naked. The masseuse can be dressed in traditional costume or naked as well.

The massage oil is being rubbed onto the client´s body while the masseuse takes care about stimulating every part of the client´s body.

When it comes to body-to-body massage, the masseuse rubs the massage oil on her/his body too and thanks to that she/he helps to reach the receiver´s satisfaction.


The Czech Republic is a small country located in the heart of Europe and it is the right choice for a holiday destination, since this country has many things to offer.

Stunning vineyards in Moravian Region, Krkonoše mountains and mainly the capital city of Czechia is admired by thousands of tourists every year.

Prague – city where history meets modernism.

There are many possibilities to experience this spiritual massage in this city. Moreover, the erotic tantra massages are possible nowadays as well.

This attractive relaxing activity will definitely make everyone remember it for a very long time because of the increasing standard of such services in this city.


Tantra studios in Prague exist for more than two decades and that is why they are expected to meet even the most special demands. They are designed to make the clients feel comfortable and relaxed from the beginning.

Massage rooms in Indian style highlight the authentic experience from the massage. Every customer can select from variety of aromatic massage oils, body butters and other erotic accessories.

To make the relaxation even more intense, these studios are usually equipped with saunas, jacuzzi or whirlpools. The client can even choose to have a massage in the hot tub.

Sexual massage

The relaxation of the receiver´s mind is very important at the beginning of the procedure, but an erotic tantra massage is something that attracts people the most.

The masseuse, typically a woman, provides the erotic massage for both men and women.

Escort service

The new trend in Prague is to have the masseuse come over to your house or hotel so that you do not have to go anywhere.

The owners of the studios are aware of that and most of them provide escort service.

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