Top Reasons Why Escorts Refuse Credit Card Payments

Most people use credit cards to make payments in numerous places. However, there are certain reasons that prevent escort services from accepting them when making charges. Not all services can be credit card escorts. Credit card escorts are convenient because making payments Is very easy. However, most of the don’t like that. Here are the reasons why.


Taxes are always a major issue given the fact that the escort services have proof of income. Credit card payments are especially scrutinized by the tax authorities, and any business operating with credit card payments is examined closely. The authorities always make sure that they make the relevant tax payments. Most escort services want to avoid this scenario, which is why they avoid using credit cards.

Paper trail

Once customers pay through credit cards, the company is left with a paper trail. This is not just a paper trail that documents the income of the escort services. It includes the names, addresses and any contact information of their clients. Any of their spending could be tracked back to the escort service. That escort service business shows up on their credit card statements.


Credit card fees may not appear to be expensive, but when you count all the charges down the line, they can be quite significant. For an escort service to obtain a merchant service, they are required to pay certain fees. Merchant accounts need a down payment after registering, and a monthly maintenance fee.

In addition to that, the credit card transactions will cost certain charges and some accounts require a termination fee as well. Combined, the charges accumulate so much that it might not be a great payment method.

Credit card fraud

Its very easy to lose money over credit card fraud. Online payment methods are hackable and once that happens, payments are siphoned by thieves and leave you penniless. Cash on the other hand is not only solid but stable as well, and hence payments are guaranteed. Escort services stay away from credit cards due to such reasons.

Counterfeit credit cards

Just like you would worry about receiving fake bills, you should be afraid of fake credit cards because they exist. It’s possible to duplicate credit cards from real ones and used to buy goods and services. It’s very hard to tell a fake credit card from a real one and escort services are afraid of being cheated.

Delayed payments

When dealing with cash, the payments are immediate. On the other hand, credit card payments may take as long as a week before they appear in the bank, which can be an inconvenience.

Zero tips

Most escort services need to be paid prior. With credit cards, the payments are concise, which does not leave room for tips. Unless the clients willingly comes with cash, the escorts get zero tips, which most of them are always looking forward to.


These are some of the reasons why most escort services refuse credit card payments. Some clients my prefer credit card escorts, which is okay. Some escort services do prefer credit card payments.

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