Are you planning to travel to Thailand anytime soon with little focus on visiting the crowded beaches, sunbathing, and taking elephant rides in the humid rainforests, but instead focus on something more exciting like enjoy a happy ending massage in an air-conditioned parlor and get a little adventurous by visiting the red light districts during nightfall? If you desire to go on a sex holiday in Thailand, then the best time to do so is now.

Where should you meet girls?

Before we overwhelm you with lots of information, let’s look at the bigger picture before going into so much detail. It is worth noting that you can choose to meet Thai girls and escorts in Bangkok on either the web or offline. To find girls online, you simply need to use a reliable Bangkok escort agency or dating site. One of the most popular escort agencies currently is Absolute Angels Bangkok.

By choosing an escort agency, you can simply choose the girl you prefer to spend time with and arrange for a meetup at a place of your choice (Your hotel room or her apartment). You may also get the girls to accompany you to events or sightseeing tours as well if this is part of your plan to enjoy and combine a sex holiday with your sightseeing trips.

You could also choose the more traditional option that involves meeting the Thai girls when you visit for your Thai sex holiday by approaching them offline. The process involves approaching girls and talking to them.

Some costs you should prepare for while visiting Bangkok for sex include the following:

  • Hotel: You need 1500-2200 Baht for a reasonably decent 3 or 4-star hotel accommodation per night. In this range, a buffet breakfast is always included.
  • Food & Drinks: If you fancy just Thai food available on the food courts and street stalls, then you’ll only end up spending only 200 Baht per day. On the other hand, if the hotel you book does not offer breakfast as part of the package and you plan to eat at least 3 times per day, then you should budget accordingly. However, if you do a fair mix of both local Thai cuisine and Western gourmet food, a reasonable budget of approximately 800 Baht per day should suffice.
  • Transportation: Assuming you’ll be taking an average of three taxi rides each day and assuming you’ll spend your vacation in one location for your Thai sex holiday either in Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya. This essentially means that you’ll incur no costs for taking buses, airplane, or train for long distance travel. Consequently, your transportation costs will be anywhere between 120- 310 Baht around your preferred city.
  • Entertainment: It gets a little interesting here. Of course, you should set aside a budget for sex with a Bangkok escort or ladyboy from a renowned escort agency. You have two options here including short term and long time or overnight stay. For a short time stay, you spend 1-2 hours, depending on the agreement you have with the escort or the Bangkok escort agency (rates vary considerably from one escort to the next; so make inquiries beforehand). Long time stay, on the other hand, means you spend the entire night with an escort of your choice. It is not uncommon for some escorts to spend time with their clients until the following day when their next appointments are due. Don’t believe the people who falsely claim that it is too costly to spend time with escorts. Rates start from as low as 5000 Thai Baht for 2 hours and the girls are extremely hot and gorgeous. While you can get a girl from say a Go Go bar at a much lower cost, your security will be compromised a great deal. Therefore, it is safer to get a girl from a reputable escort agency such as Absolute Angels Bangkok.

On top of the above-mentioned components, you shouldn’t forget to set aside money for your return flight ticket. If you plan to spend a considerable amount of time on your Thai sex vacation outside Bangkok, then you should definitely consider booking cheap domestic flights.

Health insurance and visa costs are additional components you should keep at the back of your mind. Note that most nationalities including Australian, Western European, and American get a 30-day visa upon arrival at no cost. However, if you plan to extend your stay, then you’ll be required to pay a fee, which tends to vary.

Choosing the Right Hotel for the Perfect Sex Holiday in Thailand

When it comes to booking the hotel, you should consider the following important factors:

  • Value for money – Choose a hotel with fair pricing for rooms. Your hotel of choice should ideally be comfortable, nice, and has amenities including things such as a swimming pool, a rooftop bar, free WIFI, and spectacular views from your hotel room window.
  • The location of the hotel – While most couples prefer to book their preferred hotels in Bangkok within the Khao San area, which has close proximity to the popular sites such as the Chao Phraya River and the Grand Palace, you really shouldn’t opt for this particularly if you’re visiting as a sex tourist. It is true that there are freelancers located on the Khao San Road, but that’s just about it. The region does not leave you with much if you would like to explore and experience the girls’ scene. Instead, it is advisable that you book your hotel in the lower Sukhumvit area. Here you’ll find more beer bars, nightclubs, and go go bars within walking distance to the nearby hotels.
  • Guest-friendly – If you plan to visit Bangkok for sex tourism, then this is an important criteria. Find out whether the hotel options you’re considering are guest-friendly. The guest-friendly hotels allow guests to be accompanied by shemales or escorts in Bangkok into the hotel room. Therefore, make sure hotel staff provide you with a clear answer to the question. In some instances, guest-friendly hotels charge a ‘joiner-fee’ that varies from one hotel to the next.

The tips provided above cover virtually every component you should include as you plan to travel to Thailand for your long awaited sex holiday. So take note and plan appropriately for a wild and exciting experience; whether you prefer to sleep with sexy Thai girls, ladyboys, or shemales.

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