When I just want to have a bit of fun in the evening – “prague erotic massage”

When I want to have a really good time in the evening, I go out with friends from time to time and enjoy the “prague erotic massage”. I have my favourite parlours and particular types of massages, but then I sometimes like to try something just a little different. Some of my “massage” aspirations have already been fulfilled, others are not, and I use to play with those thoughts and fantasies in my mind. I’m always looking for what suits me best, and I really enjoy having new and innovative ways how to unwind and relax.

When I compare the offers of massage parlours in Prague and elsewhere in the world, I cannot complain about anything. All the main types and branches of relaxing and invigorating massages are present in Prague: traditional massages, traditional Chinese, Thai, Ayurvedic, aromatherapy, traditional, erotic massages, anti-stress, Tantra or Femdom massages. Moreover, at least in my opinion, the Czech masseuses belong to the most respected and skilled professional masseuses in the world (and, of course, they are the most beautiful).

Four hands are more (and better) than two

Already in one of my earlier blogs, I wrote about the really great pleasure that brought me the massage provided by two masseuses. Our ancestors were right when they said that two were more than one. And in the case of massages, this rule is golden and twice as right. Four hands will always be better, or I should say more intense, than two. I felt as though my whole body was literally covered with a warm blanket of sensual caresses. I stood at the door to the heaven. The masseuses focused their coordinated movements and pressures of four hands on different areas of my body – all at the same time: lower back, pelvis, hips and even genitals. It was really exquisite. Various techniques have been tried on me – Chinese, Thai, Ayurvedic, and traditional massages. And I enjoyed it with my entire being.

Fantasies are without any boundaries

It is often said that in the field of sexual fantasies (including massage fantasies – if you want to know about the 10 most common sexual fantasies, check this article), there is basically nothing taboo – if both parties are willing. For example, I’ve been thinking for a quite some time – in connection with massages, what it would be like if a girl in a school uniform provided me with a massage (it is regarded as the schoolgirl uniform fetish). Perhaps this is the remnant of the segregated British education system and its liking for various school uniforms. I definitely have no BDSM tendencies, so I am not really into playing the real dominance and submissiveness games; it is just this idea. And Femdom massages – if you are interested in this topic, just have a look at this article – there is more about sexual roleplay massages with costumes than just simple dominance, offer me such a space. But I’m still waiting for the right moment and opportunity to fulfil such fantasy.

Have you ever tried an escort massage?

I’ve been playing for a long time with the idea of trying an escort massage services. I just was not feeling like inviting a stranger to my apartment, and, thus, I have hesitated for a long time. Finally, I chose the golden middle way, and when my colleagues gave me an escort massage service voucher as a birthday gift, I accepted the offer. In the end, I spent the night at one of Prague hotels. And it really was worth it. I felt like a king. I enjoyed the combination of a pleasurable enjoyment and a certain level of the unknown and the adventure. The masseuse first treated me with a bubble bath – a great experience in itself. And then the traditional erotic massage followed. It was great. Everything went nicely together and the memory of that evening is one of the “hottest” I have ever experienced.

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